Their energy is electrifying…its high octane pleasure !

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is simply stunning. One of the most exciting entertainment spectaculars
ever seen on big screen. It is a thrilling theatrical dance show that
tells a fictional story, based on real facts of Bollywood film industry.
Already a smash hit in London and Europe, this original production  LEGENDS OF BOLLYWOOD comes
directly from Film City Mumbai and features a cast of 40 talented
energetic performers, 2 500 pieces of glittering jewellery, and 3 000
lavish and colorful costumes.

The critics are united in their enthusiasm for this amazing show LEGENDS OF BOLLYWOOD:
The Times of London said:
“Their energy is electrifying…its high octane pleasure”

The London Metro found it had:
“dazzle, shimmer and sparkle…slick and sexy”

The Berlin Morning Post couldn’t “get enough of this artistic spectacular…”

The Birmingham Post thought it was “an uplifting show…a real dazzler”

The TZ Munich was enthusiastic as it lauded “enthralling dance steps,
lively rhythms and bold sound…splendid colorful costumes…indulgence for
all the senses.”

This show is a truly remarkable live theater experience and it can now been seen and enjoyed by the rest of the world.

Bollywood – The dance of life.

Indian dance has always told stories. Classical dance depicted religious
stories of the various exploits of many gods and goddesses of the Hindu

Even today many of the folk theatrical forms of India are heavily
reliant on dance and on telling the stories of various religious myths.
The performance of the Ram-Lila (the story of Lord Rama) is one such,
enacted annually in rural India.

With the advent of film, Indian dance moved to the silver screen in the
1920s. Gurus of classical dance were brought in to choreograph elaborate
sequences in the early mythological films. Since they taught rather
than performed they were given the title ‘Dance Masters’ – a term that
still exists irrespective of qualification or gender.

The 1940s saw film choreography become a more and more important part of
Indian films. So much so that their heroines began to be selected on
their ability to dance rather than act. Many classical dancers made the
shift to film.

Slowly but surely classical dance waned in favor of a more free flowing
style, which was less pure and more ‘classically inspired’. The 1950s
saw the birth of the ‘item girl’ or ‘Cabaret Dance’, usually set in a
bar or public functions and sometimes as part of elaborate fantasies,
Through these sequences audiences are introduced to the more titillating
western styles of dance.

Music began to dominate the films of the 1960s and 1970s with dance
being sidelined. But the 1980s and the birth of disco firmly placed
dance back on a pedestal in Indian films. The archetypal military style
formation of dancers was born in the 1980s and is still a strong in the
modern film choreographer’s quiver.

India’s economic boom on the 1990s spawned the phenomenon of lavish
Indian weddings, which were reflected in the dance numbers of t he film.
Production values, sophistication and professionalism were brought in
with internationally trained choreographers and soon background dancers
were no longer props but important ingredients in dance numbers.

Today, Bollywood Dance is a form all its own. Borrowing generously from Western free-form and Indian Classic styles, Bollywood dancing is all about energy, vibrancy and, above all, telling a story.

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